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The Smoke.Network, by, is the first cannabis community to combine blockchain technology with social networking to build a platform that rewards users for posting and curating strain reviews as well as rewards commitment to the network.

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"Smoke.Network is a decentralized application that incentivizes users to contribute to the network through ownership."



So what is the Smoke.Network application?

Smoke.Network is an incentivized, distributed social media application for the cannabis community, that rewards users in cryptocurrency for reviewing strains, interacting, creating content, and engaging others. The rewards are self funding and the application is completely decentralized and owned by the users with an incentive to grow the network together.

Users are able to post images, review strains, share stories as well us up vote, follow and curate others content via a simple up vote or flag system. Users are pseudo anonymous and reputation is based on social trust. Rewards are issued to users who make a subjective contribution to the community.

Currently, user generated content companies such as Facebook and Instagram have allowed large communities to interact, and share their love for cannabis. These platforms, though, are controlled by central authorities and manage the networks rules and content flow, usually resulting in cannabis users being censored or kicked off the platform.

Unlike other popular social networks, Smoke.Network is not controlled by a central authority. There is no single person that can modify the applications rules or governance, or censor any user/s from accessing the application. The network is instead owned by all users and token holders.

Our 450,000 fans are waiting for the Smoke.Network... Are you?

Smoke Token Distribution

SMOKE Tokens are distributed in a transparent manner, fairly and securely via the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The SMOKE Token is a user issued asset (UIA), on the Bitshares (BTS) blockchain that proves ownership in the Smoke.Network.

Phase 1 of our contribution period has ended and everyone that contributed agreed to the terms.

Our Roadmap


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Meet our team

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Jonathan Hunter


Jonathan, aka TheAnxiousStoner, is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. His role covers many areas including product strategy and content marketing. Having written over 100 articles in the cannabis niche, he has a firm grasp of the needs of cannabis users, investors, and growers.

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Patrick Meier


Patrick, aka Paddy420, is the Co-Founder and Chief Social Officer, helping users get the most out of our product offerings. Prior to that, Paddy420 grew to a thriving fanbase of over 500 000 and has worked as marketing lead for one of the biggest dental clinics in Europe.

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Joseph Ashburner


Joseph is Co-Founder and Chief Project Officer. Before that he entrenched himself as a successful online publisher by launching LaptopNinja and ShopNinja, a growing network of product comparison and tech news websites in the electronics niche and one of Amazons fastest growing affiliates.

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Nathan Stern


Nathan is Chief Security Officer. He successfully participated at the Cyber Security Challenge Germany two times and scored the #1 place with his team. Nathan overseas pentesting and security in general. With a keen eye for bugs and proven to be able to handle pressurized situations, he instills a security ethic that surpasses other cryptocurrency projects.

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Donavan Costaras


Donavan is an engineer on Smoke.Networks growth team. He runs a successful web application development and hosting business, Hupu Labs, focusing on Ruby, (Sinatra, Padrino) and Rails built on Amazon web services. With a mobile first and scaling approach, Don keeps the team agile and focused on building products that can scale from the get go.

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Jo-Ann Coetzee

Outreach Manager

Jo-Ann is head of outreach. She has successfully launched awareness campaigns for SABR as well as currently running the successful SEO branch for Viking Corp, a successful digital strategy company. Her expertize in email outreach is second only to her marketing approach, with an uncanny ability to close almost every deal.

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Tuan Pham Anh

Helping Hand

Tuan is Co-Founder and lead developer for Peerity, a social connection and activity platform that connects communities and organizations together, with a goal to provide tools for communities to thrive. Tuan's dev skills are to be reckoned with. Taking on a roll as our helping hand, he is always there when we need him.

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Jonathan Hesterman


Providing guidance and business oversight, Jonathan currently works at Amazon AWS. He completed a business infomatics honours degree specializing in cloud computing and holds a firm belief in self-improvement practices. Jonathan provides his expertise by keeping us focused on our milestones and deliverables.

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We Are Hiring!


We are hiring new developers. Do you have a keen eye for clean code, a pulse on the latest in blockchain technology, interested in game theory and want to help build the next generation of cannabis apps on the EOS blockchain? We have room for you. If you would like to join our team? Email us.

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